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How to respond to a request for time off for training – Part 2

11th Jun 2018

Further to our first update we will now look at how an application for time off for training should be made, and how you should respond to it. We will also consider the potential repercussions for failing to respond in the correct way.

How is an application made?

If an employee wishes to take time off for training, then they should make an application in writing. This application should set out the following information:

  • The subject matter of the training.
  • Where and when it would take place and who would provide or supervise it.
  • What qualification (if any) it would lead to.
  • How the employee thinks the study or training would improve both the employee’s effectiveness in the employer’s business, and the performance of the employer’s business.
  • The date on which the employee made any previous application and how that application was made.

How to respond?

After receiving a formal application, the employer should then hold a meeting within 28 days of receiving it to discuss this with the employee.  The employee must be offered the right to be accompanied by a colleague or a union representative.

Confirming the outcome

Following this meeting, the employer should notify the employee of the outcome within 14 days.

If the application is accepted then the employer should confirm:

  • The subject of the study or training and where and when it will take place.
  • Who will provide or supervise it and what qualification it will lead to.
  • Whether the employee will be paid for the time spent studying or training.
  • Whether any changes will be made to the employee’s working hours to accommodate the study or training.
  • How the training costs will be met.

If rejecting the application, the employer should confirm in writing  and in sufficient detail hich of the grounds for refusal set out in section 63F(7) of the ERA 1996 apply. By way of remainder these are:

  • the cost burden
  • the inability to reallocate work
  • the effect on ability to meet customer demand
  • the employer’s belief that the training would not improve employee effectiveness or business performance.

If rejecting an application, the employee must be given the right to appeal. In your response, the appeal procedure to be followed should also be confirmed.

Appeal Process

If the employee wishes to appeal, the following procedure should be followed:

  • They must, within 14 days of the employer’s decision, submit a written, dated appeal to the employer setting out the grounds on which they wish to appeal
  • The employer then has 14 days to either uphold the appeal and notify the employee in writing of this, or hold a further meeting with the employee to discuss the appeal
  • Within 14 days of the appeal meeting, the employer must notify the employee in writing of their decision

What are the remedies for breach?

Employees have a right to bring a tribunal claim if the employer:

  • Fails to hold a meeting with them within 28 days of receiving their application, or within 14 days of their notice to appeal against an initial decision;
  • Fails to notify them of their decision within 14 days of the initial meeting to discuss their application, or within 14 days of an appeal meeting;
  • Refuses the application, in full or in part, for a reason other than one or more of the permissible grounds for refusal set out in section 63F(7) of the ERA 1996 and fails to correct the decision on appeal;
  • Has made the decision to refuse all or part of their application on incorrect facts and fails to correct the error on appeal; or
  • Fails to allow them to be accompanied by a colleague of their choosing to any meeting under the procedure, fails to allow their colleague to address the meeting, or confer with them during the meeting, or fails to postpone a meeting under the procedure because the chosen companion is unavailable (regulation 17(1), Procedural Regulations).

The employee has to make an application to the tribunal within three months of the date of the employer’s breach or the date the employee is notified of the appeal decision, as applicable.

The tribunal may award compensation of up to eight weeks’ pay (or up to two weeks’ pay for a breach of the right to be accompanied provisions) and/or order the employer to reconsider the application.

A short note to say I found you and all my dealings with the company highly professional; it was a pleasure ( under the circumstances) doing business with you. You took care to listen to the detail of the case,  take it on board, build a relationship with me and the aggressor , and come to a final and acceptable agreement swiftly.

Individual client

Employment Law Seminar 6th March 2014 – The two lady speakers were great. It was really helpful having questions from the floor and they both provided really helpful case studies of the recent cases they worked on. Overall to cram all that information in just two hours, it was a good event and would like to attend more!

Chetna Kerai, NatCen Social Research

Hina and Remziye recently delivered employment law sessions to our London management team which focused on a range of key employment law issues. Feedback was that the sessions were excellent, informative and well presented. They discussed not only actual case law but also advised on company-relevant scenarios, based on their knowledge of our internal policies and procedures.




HR Department, Euromonitor International Ltd.

The Employment Law Seminar on the 18th June 2014 was professional, informative, practically interactive and enjoyable. Lovely venue – calm & helped the acoustics. Thank you.

Suzanne Prince, HR Consultant, Osram

The update has been informative and concise with a excellent amount and choice of subjects covered. High attendance alone shows how valuable we all find these sessions. Partners are streets ahead of new laws, legislation and regulations where little to no case law exists.

Yvonne Mathurin – Head of HR – Aukett Swanke Ltd – Afternoon Update 14/09/2017

Since Hina’s training day we have reduced absences by 60%

Mark Jackson, Seebord

The Employment Law Seminar on the 18th June 2014 was very informative and relaxing, thank you.

Kerrie Smith, HR & Office Manager, John Brown Media

“I was extremely pleased with how Remziye handled my case, a difficult and delicate dispute with my employers. I found her to be professional, courteous and understanding of my situation. My case got resolved very quickly with the end-result exceeding my expectations.

I am very grateful to Remziye for all her help and would not hesitate to recommend Remziye to my friends and family.”

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‘Made me laugh when I should have been crying’

D Rudich

‘Hina, you’re a superstar!!!’

Rory Kindlon

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Remziye and Partners Employment Lawyers for the support and professional service. You were extremely knowledgeable and efficient and I would have no hesitation in using the service again.”

Eileen Flatley

The Penguin Guide to Employment Rights will help management and workers alike to navigate this increasingly complex and important area of law

Cherie Booth

A special thanks to Hina Belitz for her interesting talk on what we must take into account before employing someone at any level. She carried us through what could be a “heavy weight” topic with such ease that we could have listened to her for hours!

Marilena Narbona – The Athena Network

Thank you so much for all your help and advice. It was nice dealing with someone who honestly cared

Kylea Jarrold

“Hina, thank you very much for yesterday’s employment law seminar, it was extremely informative, skilfully presented in a professional and ‘HR friendly’ manner.

 I was particularly impressed by you and your team as all of you communicated your respective knowledgeable and experience in a pragmatic way, which, in my personal experience is not always the case. I have attended other legal firm’s seminars and although the content is usually good it is frequently presented using too much ‘lawyer speak’, often assuming the very worst outcome including extreme escalated litigation, which for the majority of cases is not the most likely outcome. I realise that we as HR practitioners, need to be aware of worst case scenarios but sometimes there is too much emphasis on this. “

Suzanne Prince, HR Contractor

“Thank you for your hard work, persistent and diligent efforts over the last few months in bringing this case to resolution.

I do not believe that we would have been able to resolve this matter without your involvement as legal advisor.

Great work and successful outcome.”


Tom Dyson

You have been affable and extremely efficient from the minute I met you. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me. A million thanks once again.

Saleh Abdulrahim

Great Employment law update – Thank you.

Raffelina Huber, Associate Director, Central Eastern CSU

“A well though out and delivered employment law seminar that covered important and critical areas of employment law and issues facing employers”

Fran Ryba, HR Consultant, Fran Ryba Consultancy Ltd

Very useful, thank you – more time needed

HR Administrator attendee

“I would like to thank you for the way in which you handled my employment matters.  The whole team at Partners were at all times professional, compassionate and kept me fully informed at every stage in particular Remziye helped me through a situation that I found very difficult and stressful and I cannot thank her enough, I would highly recommend Partners Services.”

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‘A highly talented and resourceful lawyer’

Richard Rodelli, President and CEO, Thermo Electric Inc’

Thank you for all your great work on the tribunal. I am pleased with the outcome and continue to hold my breath and hope that XXX can move on.

Chief Executive of City Company

Thank you. The service I got from you it was excellent.

Akin Akinyemi

“Partners came on site to deliver a session on managing redundancies…their delivery was clear and was easily understood – there was certainly no confusing legal speak or jargon that we had to get our heads around. Partners are highly recommended”

Company Training Client

“I would like to say that Partners were very helpful in sorting out a case in my previous workforce that could have been a potentially awkward situation.

They dealt with the case really well and made me feel calm in a difficult time for me.

They were able to sort out the case quickly and were able to offer me some good advice along the way.”

Individual Client

Employment Law Seminar 18th June 2014 – A very interesting session with good speakers covering a range of topics

Julie Fisher-Jones, Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman

I could not have hoped for better assistance and expertise in resolving the recent issue around my employment than I received from Partners Employment Lawyers.

In a very stressful and unfamiliar situation for me, I was extremely grateful that Partners Employment Lawyers understood my situation quickly and perceptively, and then worked hard to secure for me the outcome that I desired.

The firm displayed a level of professionalism and sensitivity to my personal situation that I appreciated and will not forget.

At all times the lawyers were mindful of the result I desired. As the matter progressed they explained to me clearly and in balanced terms the likelihood of achieving that outcome.

I appreciated Partners Employment Lawyers also giving me thoughtful advice on other, broader points relevant to my future employment, which I now understand it was important to make clear as part of a successful outcome. Without reminding me of these, my longer-term interests, I could easily have thought about only the immediate problem at hand, which I now see would have been ultimately to my detriment.

Partners Employment Lawyers spoke with me from a more holistic perspective on my employment future than I was able to take, which this was an immense benefit to me. Giving me a calm and encompassing perspective at such moments was, itself, an immense relief to me, as was simply having someone on my side.

Individual Client

I have worked with Hina Belitz on numerous complex employment issues within our business. We have an open and consultative relationship which ensures risks are addressed in a consistent manner. This has led to the honesty and openness I rely on to make key strategic decisions for the business.

Di Milliard, Head of Human Resources & Recruitment Business Monitor International

10th September 2014 Discrimination From the Inside Out Event – “I’ll take this opportunity to say what a great seminar it was and that the passion and knowledge of professor Livingstone was truly inspiring.”

Florentina Pascaru, HR Coordinator, Central & Cecil

“I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the role that Partners Employment Lawyers and in particular Remziye Ozcan, played in securing a Settlement Agreement with my former employer.

Remziye was very helpful in clarifying my legal position in the debate with my employer over redeployment vs. retirement vs.  redundancy.  Even though we work on opposite sides of the world and in different time zones, she always responded to my queries, quickly absorbed the volumes of data on company policy and procedures which I sent her and promptly provided me sound practical advice to help achieve my objective.  The whole tone of the conversation changed when my employer recognized that I had engaged professional outside help and there is no doubt in my mind that without the intervention of Partners Employment Lawyers, the debate would have been more protracted and likely more contentious.

Their charges were very reasonable and in any event the cost is more than covered by the outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending Partners Employment Lawyers to any employee who found him or herself in a similar position.”

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I have been using Hina’s Penguin Guide and it’s fantastic

Danish Ahmad – (Chamber of Commerce)