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24 July 2023
Our Partner Hina Belitz was thrilled to be published in this article on discussing the recent Private Member's Bill regarding Flexible Working that has just gone through parliament. The Bill will now become law, and introduces some interesting changes such as the right to request flexible working twice in a 12 month period. Whilst the Bill has some positive steps, it is not quite the saving grace of those seeking flexible working arrangements that it has been hailed as. Hina's comments on some of the misgivings, particularly that this is still just a right to request flexible working not…

21 July 2023
Harassment law is a well utilised area of employment law; its protection ensures people feel safe at work and are not subjected to unlawful conduct regarding a protected characteristic. However, it is also a tricky area of law; the construction of the law is such that a harasser can be liable for conduct that has the purpose OR the effect of creating a humiliating/offensive etc environment for an individual. In layman’s terms, this means that the individual needn’t intend to insult or offend an individual by their conduct, but that harassment could occur in any case. When considering whether a…

13 July 2023
It's been a whirlwind few days for our Partner Hina Belitz, who was invited onto Vanessa Feltz's TalkTV show on Tuesday evening to discuss the BBC Presenter scandal and its impact on the BBC as an employer. It might be hard to remember where we were in the story at that point; we didn't have a name for the presenter (who has subsequently been revealed as BBC News' Huw Edwards) and more stories regarding other young people's relationships with the presenter were coming to light. Hina was grilled by Vanessa on questions such as the BBC's position regarding a dismissal…

11 July 2023
Our Partner Hina Belitz was invited this morning once again onto Times Radio, this time with Aasmah Mir and Stig Abell to discuss the most recent media personality employment scandal; the unnamed BBC presenter accused of paying £35,000 for illicit pictures of a 17 year old. Hina answered questions regarding the employment impact of the BBC's decision to suspend the employee in question, what obligations the BBC were under when they first received notice of this allegation and more. To hear Hina's take on this, please go to 1 hour 13 on this link, or watch online on youtube here. …

27 June 2023
Hina Belitz has had the opportunity to comment in depth on the key employment law matter of ITV's 'Schofield Saga' in a new piece with The article can be found here, and the text is reproduced below: In May, Phillip Schofield, a familiar face of daytime television, resigned from ITV after admitting to a sexual affair with a younger staff member. Importantly, it was an affair both sides had lied about having had, and such lies could work in ITV's favor. Any employee who lies to an employer could be fairly and reasonably be dismissed by an…

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