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We are determined to secure the best deal for you.

Your employment contract is much more than just a formality; it as at the core of your relationship with your employer and sets out the terms and conditions under which you are or will be employed, including your salary, hours and holiday entitlement. Consequently, the terms should be read and considered carefully, and negotiations should be initiated where appropriate.

Our Employment Solicitors regularly help executives and other senior and highly skilled employees with contract negotiations and disputes. Senior employees often have significant bargaining power, especially where their skills and experience are valuable.

We can help negotiate the contract on the best terms for you. We are able to review any employment contract that you have been offered and provide you with a complete understanding of the agreement. We can also ensure that your contract meets all legal requirements. If you have a dispute concerning your existing contract of employment, we can assist you in resolving that dispute or taking the matter further. Contact us today to discuss your contract concerns.

How can you negotiate the best deal?

Negotiating the best possible salary is a high priority for many of our clients. When handled constructively, the negotiations can be successful and can also show your employer you have the skills they are looking for. Our Employment Lawyers will build a strong case, backed by important evidence, for negotiating the right salary.

We have vast experience in negotiating employment contracts and so are accomplished in the approach to take to secure the best possible outcome. We are there to ensure the negotiations are successful but also realistic.

As part of the overall negotiation process, our team will also seek clarification on any terms that are vague, unusual or missing. We will ensure that the contract is legally enforceable and protects your statutory rights, and request any necessary amendments are made.

How should you deal with contract disputes?

If you find yourself in a dispute with your employer over a term in your contract, you should consult your employer’s grievance procedure. Where this fails to resolve the issue, it is a good idea to seek legal advice on whether you could be entitled to raise a claim for breach of contract with an Employment Tribunal. If you do have a valid claim, we recommend that you attempt to resolve the dispute out of court as this is usually the quickest and least stressful method. However, if this fails, our partners at Excello Law represent you in a Tribunal claim.

Whatever issue has arisen with your employment contract, our solicitors have the unique knowledge and expertise to guide you through each stage of the matter.

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Our Employment Lawyers are based in London and work with executives and other senior employees throughout England. We can help clients with all issues relating to contract negotiations and disputes. To discuss your concerns with our highly approachable and professional team, call 0207 374 6546 now or contact us online.


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