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When things go wrong at work, we can provide the right advice.

Grievances are concerns or complaints raised by an employee. Any employee may at some time have issues with their work, working conditions or colleagues that they wish to raise with management. In most cases, a formal grievance complaint will follow an attempt to solve the matter informally.

We take a proactive and personal approach to addressing your grievance issues at work. We understand that these situations can be frustrating and stressful and so our Employment Lawyers provide advice that will reassure you during this time and help you get a satisfactory resolution. If you are dealing with a grievance at work, please contact us today for expert advice and legal solutions.

What issues could lead to a formal grievance complaint?

Issues that may cause grievances include:

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Organisational changes
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Health and safety
  • Work relationships
  • Discrimination

What is the procedure for raising a formal grievance complaint?

The process you should follow should be set out in your employer’s written grievance procedure. This should provide details on what to include in your grievance complaint, who to send this information to, how your employer will discuss the issue with you and how to appeal any decision made by your employer.

How will my grievance be resolved?

This will depend on the nature of the issue and whether you and your employer agree on how the issue should be dealt with.

A grievance meeting is likely to be held in order to discuss the facts and reach a solution. At this meeting you will be able to provide evidence to support your complaint and can be accompanied by a trade union representative or a colleague.

In some cases, employers and employees may attempt to resolve the issue through mediation. This is a voluntary and confidential process where an independent and impartial mediator will support you and your employer in finding a solution. Any solution must be agreed on by both parties.

Raising a grievance at work can be stressful and challenging. Our specialist Employment Solicitors can provide expert legal advice and support throughout the process. If you wish to raise a grievance or have already raised one and need further guidance, we can help.

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