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Addressing your concerns and protecting your position.

You may be protected against whistleblowing should you accuse your employer of malpractice, for example if you suspect your employer has broken the law or is in breach of regulatory controls (such as those set by the Financial Conduct Authority). This is commonly referred to as ‘blowing the whistle’. The law protects whistleblowing in the public interest – so people can speak out if they find malpractice occurring in their organisation.

Should your employer victimise or dismiss you as a result, you may be entitled to bring a claim. If you believe that this is relevant to your situation, get in touch with our Employment Lawyers for expert advice and legal services.

Will I be protected for whistleblowing?

The law protects whistleblowers if they are deemed as ‘workers’. Workers include employees, agency workers and members of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

The complaint you make must be in the public interest. The types of disclosure that will be protected by law include those that relate to:

  • A criminal offence
  • A health and safety risk
  • A miscarriage of justice
  • An unlawful act by a company
  • Risk of or actual damage to the environment
  • An attempt to cover up any of the above

It is important to note that discrimination and harassment are not usually protected by whistleblowing law. Please see our pages on Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment at Work if you need further information on these areas of the law.

How do I blow the whistle?

Your employer should have a whistleblowing policy in place, which you should refer to for details of the process you should follow. If there is no such policy, you can refer to the guidance provided by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas). Your employer should listen to your concerns and decide whether action is necessary.

If you do not wish to report the matter to your employer or you have reported it to them and you are unhappy with their response, you may want to speak to a legal professional about your options. Our Employment Lawyers advise executives and other senior employees who are concerned about wrongdoing in their workplace. We understand how sensitive and stressful these situations can be and we guarantee to give you advice and support that aims to protect your position and achieve the best possible outcome.

What happens if I am mistreated for whistleblowing?

If you are victimised or dismissed as a result of whistleblowing, you can take the matter to an Employment Tribunal. Dismissal for whistleblowing is considered automatically unfair and you could be entitled to compensation. Our Employment Lawyers provide expert advice to those who have been treated unfairly after whistleblowing, both in negotiations with your employer to resolve the matter and through representation at a Tribunal.

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