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Redundancy can be a very stressful experience for employees. If you have been selected for redundancy or are at risk of losing your job, our Employment Lawyers can provide you with reassuring support and advice at this time so that you have a full understanding of your situation and your rights.

We provide advice and legal solutions whatever your needs, whether you wish to challenge the redundancy decision or get more out of the redundancy package offered by your employer. To discuss your circumstances with our Employment Solicitors, please contact us.

When can redundancies happen?

Redundancy is one of the most common grounds for dismissal and we have seen an increasing number of redundancies in recent years. There are three different types of situation that can lead to redundancies, including:

  • Business closure
  • Workplace closure
  • Reduction of workforce

What are my rights in a redundancy situation?

Under the law, redundancy is a fair reason for dismissal. However, your employer has certain obligations they must fulfil when making redundancies. If they fail to comply with these, you could be entitled to compensation. Among your rights in a redundancy situation, you may be entitled to the following:

  • Redundancy pay
  • Consultation with your employer
  • A certain period of notice
  • Time off to search for new employment
  • The option to move to another role within the company

What are redundancy settlement agreements?

Often redundancy situations lead to settlement agreements being entered into between the employer and employee. We have a separate page on settlement agreements if you wish to find out more information. Settlement agreements, formerly known as compromise agreements, are a tremendous tool for both employers and employees. They provide a means of sidestepping legal formalities. This is very common and not always a bad thing for an employee.

How can Partners Employment Lawyers help?

Facing redundancy can be highly stressful, particularly if it arises after years of on-going employment.  It is essential that you enter the redundancy process with confidence that you are being treated fairly. Our Employment Lawyers will listen to your situation carefully and provide clear, pragmatic advice as to whether your rights have been protected, if you could challenge the redundancy and whether any redundancy package offered is reasonable. Our team can represent you in negotiations and Tribunal proceedings where necessary.

Contact our Redundancy and Redundancy Settlement Agreement Lawyers London

Our Employment Lawyers are based in London and work with executives and other senior employees throughout England. To discuss your redundancy situation with our highly approachable and professional team, call 0207 374 6546 now or contact us online.


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