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30 August 2018
We are delighted to announce a special event to explore discrimination and unconscious bias in the workplace. Discrimination is a high-risk issue in any workplace, but it is a problem if individuals don’t realise their own unconscious bias may be impacting working relationships. Hina Belitz of Partners Employment Lawyers will be joined by Smita Tharoor of Tharoor Associate to provide you with insight and tools to identify and deal with discrimination and unconscious bias in the workplace. This is a highly interactive session which looks at the legal, ethical and psychological realities as well as practical commercial solutions. For full…
28 August 2018
  The changes to payments in lieu of notice which came into effect on 6th April 2018, effectively mean that where any part of a termination payment relates to notice pay, this is subject to tax and NICs as earnings and is no longer dependent on whether there is a PILON clause in the contract or not. These provisions require employers to split a termination award between amounts treated as earnings (section 402B, ITEPA 2003) and amounts benefitting from the £30,000 exemption (section 403, ITEPA 2003). In other words, employers must treat a slice of a termination award, which reflects…
21 August 2018
Managers are so overwhelmed with demands that having regular feedback conversations with employees can be hard to fit in. Here we look at how attitudes can be changed to ensure managers make time for feedback. The demands of senior leaders and direct reports (and everything in between) makes the life of a line manager difficult, and extremely busy. With so much going on, not all responsibilities can be met, and most often it is these vital feedback meetings that are pushed aside. Encouraging more feedback conversations is the end goal. By finding a solution for lack of time and emphasising…
10 August 2018
Menopause has been a long-ignored issue in society. This was recently evident in the deputy governor of the Bank of England’s statement, when he described the stagnating economy as ‘menopausal’. This attitude towards this debilitating transitional phase of a woman’s life is often overlooked and brushed aside, including within the workplace. Many women in the workplace will fall within the age that menopause typically begins at, 51, and will experience a range of symptoms, all in varying intensities. Some women see their career affected and may experience troubles in the workplace during their transitional period. Some women have even talked…
07 August 2018
As an employer you are entitled to take into account current (or 'unspent') criminal convictions when deciding whether to offer a role to a prospective employee. However, it is still sensible to consider whether the conviction is really relevant to the position in question. In the interests of fairness, you might consider discussing with the applicant the circumstances surrounding the offence and any explanation they have to offer. If a criminal record check, otherwise known as a Disclosure and Barring Service (‘DBS’) check, reveals an unspent conviction which, in your view, renders an applicant unsuitable for a job, then the…

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