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10 August 2018
Menopause has been a long-ignored issue in society. This was recently evident in the deputy governor of the Bank of England’s statement, when he described the stagnating economy as ‘menopausal’. This attitude towards this debilitating transitional phase of a woman’s life is often overlooked and brushed aside, including within the workplace. Many women in the workplace will fall within the age that menopause typically begins at, 51, and will experience a range of symptoms, all in varying intensities. Some women see their career affected and may experience troubles in the workplace during their transitional period. Some women have even talked…
07 August 2018
As an employer you are entitled to take into account current (or 'unspent') criminal convictions when deciding whether to offer a role to a prospective employee. However, it is still sensible to consider whether the conviction is really relevant to the position in question. In the interests of fairness, you might consider discussing with the applicant the circumstances surrounding the offence and any explanation they have to offer. If a criminal record check, otherwise known as a Disclosure and Barring Service (‘DBS’) check, reveals an unspent conviction which, in your view, renders an applicant unsuitable for a job, then the…
12 July 2018
To much acclaim, the Supreme Court recently found against Pimlico Plumbers and in favour of Gary Smith, a self-employed plumber and heating engineer who had worked exclusively for the company for six years. But in doing so, did it make new law? In what has been widely referred to as a landmark decision for workers’ rights, the Supreme Court ruling may have significant ramifications for freelance workers, especially those in the gig economy, and could affect cases involving Deliveroo, and the cab companies Uber and Addison Lee, both of which are in dispute with their drivers over their employment status…
11 July 2018
We have had an enquiry regarding what level of compensation the Claimant would likely to have received in our mock tribunal. In this scenario, we have drawn up a draft schedule of loss as this would be produced in proceedings to set out what the claimant values their compensation to be. A copy of this can be found attached (this has been drawn up for illustrative purposes and in practice can be much more complex). Within this document is the basic award (which is calculated in the same way as a statutory redundancy payment), which is based on the claimant’s…
28 June 2018
  In Afzal v East London Pizza Ltd t/a Dominos Pizza, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has overturned an employment tribunal’s decision that the dismissal of an employee for failing to provide evidence of his entitlement to work in the UK was fair. A, who is from Pakistan, married a European national in 2011 and acquired time-limited leave to work in the UK, which expired on 12 August 2016. After that time, he had a right to apply for a document evidencing his right to permanent residence that would continue his right to work. As long as he applied by 12…

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