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16 May 2024
In a Green Paper published earlier this year, Labour outlined a swathe of proposed reforms as part of its New Deal for Working People, making it clear that employment law is intended to be a pillar of their campaign. With a general election drawing closer, in this article we examine some of the key proposals in the Green Paper and what they would mean for employers should they be enacted by a Labour Government. Unfair dismissal as a day-one right Employees currently only qualify for protection against unfair dismissal if they have been employed for over two years, with some…

26 April 2024
Our partner Hina Belitz has been published in Law360 discussing what the recent Miller judgment, which held that views relating to Israel-Palestine can be protected under the Equality Act 2010, means for employers and employees. We have reproduced the article below; alternatively, you can read it at Law360.    Job loss arising from views expressed on Israel and Palestine - critical takeaways from Miller v University of Bristol Discrimination on the grounds of religious or philosophical belief is a highly dynamic area, as the courts determine whether an increasingly diverse range of political beliefs should be protected under the Equality…

25 April 2024
Our partner Hina Belitz has been published in The Times discussing the legal implications of the recent Miller case, in which a university professor who was dismissed following a sustained campaign against him on the basis of his anti-Zionist views successfully claimed for discrimination and unfair dismissal, confirming that beliefs relating to Israel-Palestine can be protected under the Equality Act 2010.  We have reproduced the article below - alternatively you can read it at The Times.  When does a political opinion become a protected belief? With horrific and distressing images emerging daily from the ongoing Gaza conflict, emotive reactions to…

07 March 2024
When bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal, one option available to parties is to pursue judicial mediation, which attempts to secure a mutually agreed resolution instead of proceeding to a final hearing. But what is judicial mediation and how does the process work?   What is mediation and what are its benefits? Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a neutral third party (the mediator) helps the parties to negotiate a settlement. The parties still have responsibility to reach a solution, with the mediator simply facilitating the process. Should an agreement not be reached, the mediator does…

27 February 2024
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has issued new guidance for employers about menopause in the workplace. The key take-away from the guidance is that menopause symptoms can be considered a disability if they meet the legal threshold, i.e. if they have a long-term and substantial impact on a woman’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. This means employers may come under a duty to make reasonable adjustments for employees experiencing menopause symptoms. They will also have a legal obligation not to discriminate against such employees. Women experiencing menopause symptoms are also protected against discrimination, harassment and victimisation on…

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