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26 May 2023
Hina Belitz can now reveal she has been working with Journalists from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in a shocking piece of investigative reporting regarding sexual harassment in our health services. Hina’s comments have been published in the British Medical Journal here, and are reproduced below. Hina Belitz, an employment lawyer at Partners Employment Lawyers, said the volume of legal claims did not reflect the true number of sexual incidents, many of which are never reported, for various reasons. And of these a “good percentage” would not result in a payout, she said. “You can almost think of it as…

05 May 2023
Watching the news over the last few weeks, it has been impossible to ignore the disturbing and violent clashes erupting in Sudan, as two rival quasi-governmental factions seek to establish power over the other. Whilst I am no politician and cannot comment on the diplomatic situation in Sudan more than despair over the lives lost and livelihoods destroyed, I have been watching the UK government’s reaction to the crisis with interest. Back on the 23rd April, in early stages of the fighting, the UK government carried out an extensive rescue operation that removed reportedly all UK diplomats and their dependants from…

26 April 2023
Never one to shy away from a difficult political issue, our Partner Hina Belitz has been published in the Solicitor's Journal with her take on how current reforms to maternity law and other areas affecting women's rights will impact on the ground. Find the article online here, and the full text is reproduced below. Hina Belitz details the latest proposals and the issues surrounding women’s employment rights Being a female lawyer, mother and an expert in employment law, I am always looking to support women’s rights in the workplace. Over 20 years in this area I have seen case law…

31 March 2023
Our Partner Hina Belitz has been published in 'Employee Benefits' discussing recent Parliamentary legislation and its effect on women's rights. . The full article can be found on the Employee Benefits website here, but we have provided the text of the article below: With the growth of flexible working and the narrowing – albeit slowly – of the gender pay gap, it seems like we are on the right trajectory for all members of society, particularly women, to participate in the workforce actively and equally. This is supported by recent legislative proposals, which are intended to make the workplace better for all…

24 March 2023
Privity of contract, as a legal doctrine, provides that only individuals who are parties to an agreement or contract can enforce that contract. After consultation of this doctrine in the late 1990’s, the Law Commission recommended a new law that managed exceptions to privity of contract, whereby parties who received the BENEFIT of a contract would be able to enforce that benefit. This law was consolidated as the ‘Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act’ 1999. It applies widely to most types of contract, regardless of whether the Act is referred to by said contract, and means that an agreement may…

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